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  • New and Improved Club Events

    When advertising for events at the club such as tournaments, leagues, really anything where you want people to sign up, Club Events are a handy way to do it. With Sportsynergy, these can be advertised right on the main screen. Now the way that it worked before is that members could just sign up, but there wasn’t a way to sign up with a partner or even specify a division. Well now there is.

  • Add to Home Screen

    A nice little feature available on most browsers running on a smart phone is the ability to add a shortcut to a website on your home screen. When you do this it will look sort of like an app, but it will open up that site in your default browser. So, to create a shortcut to your scheduling page, just open the main scheduling page on your phone and click on the sharing button, then “Add to Home screen button”.

  • Calendar Subscriptions

    The other day, our friends at the Racquet Club of St. Louis had an idea – export the your reservations to the calendar on your phone. What a great idea. Well, as of today, you can do with with what we are calling a calendar subscription.